Welcome everyone, welcome to the brand new blog, Zach of All Trades!


Zach Headshot


My name is Zach Simon and this is my first blog. Once I decided to create it, I wanted to launch as soon as possible, just to get it up and running so I could start cranking out material as immediately as I could. That is to say, I am still very much in the infancy stage of learning what the hell I’m doing as far as the logistics. By that, I mean using technology and writing code to create web pages and make them look like I want them to. It might take some time, but as the saying goes, you shouldn’t make the boat look pretty before it can float.


And I am happy to announce that this boat is officially afloat and I am its captain, first mate, and crew.


Therefore, starting now, I’ll be making at least one post a week here on Zach of All Trades. The design and format of the website will constantly be changing as I figure out how to make it look the way I want, but the content will remain the same.


I invite you to read the Mission section, where I explain why I felt compelled to start this blog. I feel it’s important for The Reader to know my intentions of this website as a whole before exploring any other entries in various sections (only Sports, Art, and Movies & Television entries currently available, but much more to come).


Thank you all for reading!


~ Zach of All Trades